We are honored to have served over 100 global clients since 1995. With an average client relationship of 10 years, we are dedicated to delivering excellence consistently over time.

Below are summaries of training and change programs we have conducted. They range from strategy development to culture change to building agile teams.

To deliver each program required focus on specific issues. Rigorous preparation and understanding the client's business and people beforehand was critical to success.

Fortune 50 Oil Company
Culture change and teamwork
The Thailand subsidiary of this client asked us to implement its global leadership and culture change program as a way of managing through change and volatility. In a series of three-day, full immersion workshops, we trained the top 200 leaders on how to self-manage and lead teams through change. We focused on practicing skills such as empowering, collaboration and team problem-solving, and how to apply them back on the job.

Large French Pharmaceutical
Competing for OTC market share
For the Indochina operation of this client, we assisted in business planning by identifying growth priorities, cross-border synergies and how to drive change and expedite execution. Explored opportunities to re-position and strengthen brand impact on consumers, penetrate new segments and work more cost-effectively.

Magic Circle Law Firm, London
Seeking direction and synergies
We collaborated with this Firm's 75 Global Banking Practice Partners to develop a three-year strategy to guide its international brand and services development. This was an iterative process, working with Partners individually and in small groups to agree on a general approach and principles for development and change. One key challenge was translating and differentiating services and brands internationally, while retaining a strong global identity.

Thai Conglomerate
Transforming a business
In this six-week consulting project for a subsidiary operation, we developed a strategic vision and optional operating models to help transform this business from a commodity to a global branded business. We evaluated and debated strengths and weaknesses, competitive factors and client capabilities as a first step in helping this client pivot on strategy and move up the value chain.

$3 Billion Cleaning & Hygiene Company
Making the matrix organization structure work
During this senior management workshop for its Asia Pacific operation, we discussed potential issues impeding the matrix organization structure from operating with agility. For example, conflicting functional/line targets, lack of shared accountability, role ambiguity, insufficient processes and too many priorities.

Canadian Life Insurer
Improving strategic planning and execution
We assisted the subsidiary operations for this client in seven countries here in Asia to define and align business strategies and to build high performing teams. As consumer needs have changed, the challenge was to orchestrate change within each subsidiary to ensure smooth execution across difference functions.

World's Biggest Hotel Chain
Ownership for customer service
We created and facilitated the "MICE Advisory Board" for this Hotel Chain's Asian Region operations. Over five years, we assisted this client run bi-annual Advisory Board meetings, which were composed of its top executives working in partnership with its 15 best customers across Asia. The objective of the Advisory Board was to serve as a win-win forum to brainstorm innovative service ideas, resolve customer pain points, and build loyalty.

$60 Billion Consumer Product Company
Aligning functions with strategy
We worked with the Board of Directors of this Asian subsidiary to align its functional strategies with overall company goals. We debated and agreed both operating and capability development priorities and how each Board member needed to work differently with his/her colleague to achieve better results. As part of this program, we set win-win agreements between directors to reinforce collaboration and commitment.

Here is What Our Clients Say

"Just finished our latest regional team meeting. WOW! You would not believe the difference in team interaction. They still failed to get to required standard on sending pre read materials (although this was improved). However the rich discussions got us to decisions we needed. Will let you know how the next one goes. The great Larry Chao does it again and helps transform another team! Many thanks."
Managing Director, Johnson Diversey Asia Pacific

"Just a short note to thank you for your excellent input into our Conference last week. Overall I feel it was a great success for us and your contribution both in facilitating the event and also your guidance on speaker materials etc was very valuable. I do not think we could have done the 'continuity' piece as well had we attempted it ourselves.

So despite the short notice it went very well, and the idea to move the final sessions down to the Bar area was great!! A really memorable way to turn the event at its conclusion. Great to work with you”
Managing Director, Cadbury Schweppes Southeast Asia

"Many thanks for assisting me and our team to embark our 2007 strategy meeting. We have improved our business and organization a lot since we first met in year 2000."
Managing Director, Associated British Foods Thailand

"We were all very impressed with your leading role in our discussion last week, and we enjoyed it very much. Thank you so much for your effort."
Partner, KPMG

"Thanks for facilitating the conference (150 participants) for us, there were some instant feedback with very positive comments. The audience was thrilled by your approach, guess it's an eye-opener for many of them. There's a lot to follow up with the survey results and the suggestions raised by the group."
Development Manager, DLA Piper Rudnick

"Larry, I owe YOU the huge thank you!!! You were wonderful – just as Cliff had said you'd be – and I received fabulous feedback from the rest of my group on you and the overall workshop! I'm hooked now so don't be surprised to get a call from me same time next year!"
AVP, Manulife

"This was the first time I have attended a workshop with senior management where none of them were text messaging or leaving the room to make phone calls during the day. You (Larry Chao) had them engaged and debating issues"
Nokia Regional Senior Manager

"Chao Group's strategy paper was very well received indeed. John Rink (global managing partner) described it as a fantastic piece of work and was pleased that we had not just outlined a wish list, but had been pragmatic and identified practical ways to deliver on the items we had identified."
Managing Partner, Allen & Overy Singapore

"Larry, is was such an honor to be one of your facilitators, and also an unforgettable experience working with my fellow facilitators. We all had such a great time. You were so full of energy and enthusiasm, thus resulted to the success of all the events! We are all still talking about it until today. To all you guys. hope we could all do this again soon. Ryan said it right. this has truly been the best conference so far!"
Manager/Organizer Bo-Le (Firm-wide workshop)

"It is the opinion of our top management that Larry is the most effective of all facilitators who have been used by the hotel over the last 5 years. Perhaps his Asian heritage and his Western education have given him the right blend in understanding the needs of our team and in creating empathy with the individual."
GM, Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok

"Very enthusiastic and passionate facilitator who was able to capture and convince the whole audience of our top management to the need for culture and strategy change."
Assistant Governor, Bank of Thailand

"The one-on-one counseling really had an impact on me. Not only did I learn how my leadership style impacts other people, I received constructive advice about what I need to do to improve. You can teach an old dog new tricks!"
VP, Merrill Lynch Private Banking

"Leadership, coaching, and teambuilding are critical skills in this fast changing e-commerce business environment. Chao Group Limited has been instrumental in helping Nokia integrate people from different cultures to work effectively in high performing teams."
President, Nokia Japan

"Individuals have really learned how to communicate effectively and lead others not only during the workshop, but, more importantly, back on the job."
SVP Human Resources, Shell Oil

"Your involvement and constructive feedback were appreciated and contributed to a successful regional strategy meeting. Teamwork was enhanced and the output from the meeting had clear support from all involved."
President, Mead Johnson International

"There is no better way to understand the customer's feelings than be the customer yourself. Larry's workshop made everyone take "time out" from their busy schedules and experience what it is like to be a customer...I felt this workshop was very useful in getting the message across to management with regard to customer expectations and experience... Larry managed to keep the environment engaging for the entire session."
Customer Service Manager, True Corporation

"We got very positive feedback from our client, especially the CTO who stressed that we have exceeded his expectations! ...Also by bringing in the technical services people from abroad and you as the facilitator!"
Senior manager, Nokia/Globe Philippines

"I thought Larry was great! I don't think it's easy to organize a session like this between the lawyers and the support staff but he did a great job helping us lose our inhibitions and connect with each other."
Partner Shook Lin&Bok/Allen&Overy