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Successful Change Stories

Below are summaries of change programs we have conducted. They range from strategy development, to mindset change, to building stronger work teams.

To deliver each program required relentless energy focused on a particular business issue. Preparation and understanding the client's culture, business and people beforehand were critical pre-requisites to delivering a successful program.

Sanofi – Indochina

Competing for OTC Share
Assisted in business planning: Identified growth priorities, cross-border synergies and how to drive change and expedite execution. Explored opportunities to re-position and strengthen brand impact on consumers, penetrate new segments and work more cost-effectively

Hong Kong Jockey Club – Hong Kong

Raising the Game on Outstanding Service
Planned and conducted the annual strategy conferences for both the Membership Division [2016, 2017, 2018] and Property Division. Defined business priorities, execution challenges and desired work cultures, as the organization shifts to high performance gear. Designed the three-day conference agendas and content to involve participants, clarify their roles & responsibilities, and gain their commitment.

PReMA [Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers Association] – Thailand

Creating Business Opportunities and Saving Lives
Prepared and conducted a one-day strategy session with 20 PReMA member CEOs to refine its business strategy and rejuvenate PReMA’s impact and benefit for all members. Designed restructuring to focus resources on the right activities and audiences. Developed a rollout plan to guide strategic implementation.

7 – Eleven – Dallas, Texas

Partnering with Top Franchisees
We facilitated a two-day workshop with senior executives from 7-Eleven and their top 12 franchisee from around the world to confront and resolve differences, share innovative ideas, and identify future growth opportunities (e.g., ready-to-eat foods).

Allen & Overy - Singapore

Seeking Direction & Synergy
We facilitated the development of a joint venture strategy and organization change program for an international law firm and its local affiliate. The challenge was realigning roles and responsibilities to capture new business opportunities and integrating local and international work cultures. This was the first step towards business integration.

Bank of Thailand - Thailand

Changing Mindset
We used 360-degree feedback with the top management of Thailand's Federal Reserve to help create a more open, constructive work culture. Eliminating functional barriers, sharing information and developing future leaders were the main benefits.

BP/Castrol Oil - Thailand

Managing Conflict at the Top
We worked with top management to resolve conflict and encourage more pro-active "take charge" leadership behavior. As part of the program, we shared work style differences, aligned roles and goals and emerged with a better understanding of how directors needed to change their behaviors to foster teamwork and organization spirit.

Bristol-Myers Squibb - Philippines

Driving Healthy Growth
In this 12-week change program, we worked with all management levels to convert strategy into hard hitting project plans and change teams. These teams were aimed at creating innovation, improving cost-effectiveness and producing market share gains.

Cadbury Schweppes – Asia Pacific (Singapore, New Zealand, Thailand)

Engaging Leadership & Facilitating Change
For the past three years, I have served as the facilitator for Cadbury Schweppes Asia Pacific's annual strategic planning conferences. My role has been to help design and moderate the conference agendas in a creative, high energy manner that captures the theme of each conference.
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Charoen Pokphand Foods Group – Thailand

Transforming a Business
In this two-week consulting project, which culminated in a one-day workshop with top executives from CP Foods, we created and evaluated three optional business models that would help transform CP Foods from a commodity business into a global branded foods company.

Credit Suisse-First Boston - Hong Kong

Reinventing to Add Greater Value
During this 2-day workshop with CSFB Asia Pacific's Regional Controllers Office, we defined a new strategy and business model. The challenge was re-inventing the function from an administration center to a higher value added service. In the course of this project, we identified innovative ways of helping CSFB's clients make money.

DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary – Asia Pacific (Hong Kong)

Enhancing Accountability
Working with over 60 DLA partners, we identified solutions for creating a work culture more accountable for longer term profitable growth and nurturing talent, in addition to delivering outstanding legal services. Management effectiveness and people development issues were core concerns.

Foremost Friesland – Thailand

Re-positioning Brands
In the Thai drinking yogurt market, we assisted Foremost reposition itself and explore new sources of growth. For example, re-segmenting the market and focusing on the one or two fast-growing customer segments opportunities, rather than a broad product line.

Heineken – Thailand

Restructuring to Raise Competitiveness
As the balance of power shifted from producers to retailers, Heineken led the Thai beer industry in establishing a professional "trade marketing" organization. In a senior management workshop, we assisted the Client clarify the new roles between trade marketing, sales and marketing, to ensure smooth, coordinated execution.

Hewlett-Packard – Asia Region (Shanghai)

Press Conference Moderator
In 2007 and 2008, I moderated two press conferences (i.e., served as TV news anchor, talk show host, and facilitator) for HP in which they launched new product lines. In attendance were over 120 people from various news organizations throughout Asia.

JohnsonDiversey – Asia Pacific (Singapore)

Making the Matrix Organization Structure Work
During this senior management workshop we discussed potential issues impeding the matrix organization structure. For example, conflicting functional/line targets, lack of shared accountability, role ambiguity, insufficient processes and too many priorities.

Lowe & Partners - Thailand

Innovating to Spur Growth
Using a combination of workshops and consulting, we assisted Lowe & Partners to identify new products, services and potential client segments. By defining and leveraging the organization's strengths, we identified six new businesses, evaluated their economic potential, and developed project plans for full scale launch.

MAN Diesel – Corporate/Asia Pacific

Seeking Ways of Adding Value
In this annual sales and marketing conference, participants from MAN operations in Asia and HQ explored novel ways of adding value and enhancing profitable sales of their core marine engine business.

Manulife Insurance – Asia Pacific

Improving Strategic Planning and Execution
We have worked with various Manulife operations throughout Asia to identify business priorities and resolve how functions need to work together. The benefits were creating stronger, cross-functional teams and a sharper focus on customer segment opportunities.

Mead Johnson Nutritionals – Southeast Asia

Strategic Planning & Aligning
We worked with MJ country-specific businesses across the region to create and implement strategies by: (1) debating strategic options with top management; (2) aligning resources and priorities with middle management; and (3) building understanding, expectations and desired behaviors with rank and file.

MGH Group – Bangladesh

Creating Strategic Visions
We worked with 15 subsidiary divisions of MGH Group, the pre-eminent supply chain firm in South Asia, to create medium-term strategies and business objectives aimed at driving double digit growth, entering new markets, and grabbing market share.

Nestle Foods – Indochina, Turkey, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, SBU, Myanmar [ Vevey ]

Creating Exceptional Teamwork
We worked with Nestle executive teams to create a culture of collaboration across functions. This included improving shared accountabilities, sharing information and collective problem-solving. We also explored individual management style differences and their implications on teamwork.

Shangri-La Hotel - Thailand, Malaysia

Ownership for Customer Service
How do you convince the workforce of a Five Star Hotel to continuously strive for outstanding customer service? We assisted the Hotel's management team to confront functional barriers and define specific ways they could work more effectively across management ranks. The result was greater collective ownership for customer service.

Shell Oil - Thailand

Leading Change in Economic Turmoil
Shell asked us to implement its global leadership and culture change program in Thailand, as a way of managing through the turbulent 1990s. In a series of 3-day workshops, we trained Shell Thailand's top 200 managers on how to stimulate innovation, motivate staff and drive results. We stressed how to work effectively under intense work pressure.

Tyco Flow Controls – Asia Pacific (Shanghai)

Changing the Business Model
In a two-day workshop with senior management, we explored how changing needs of industrial customers required that Tyco re-think its approach to the market, and how they might have to radically shift their mix of products and services.
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Unilever - Netherlands

Aligning Functions with Strategy
For this multi-billion dollar foods company, we worked with the board of directors to align their functional strategies with overall company goals. We debated and agreed both operating and capability development priorities and how each board member needed to work differently with his/her colleague to achieve better results. As part of this program, we set win-win agreements - i.e., individual director commitments to ensure successful results.

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