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To really improve organization performance, you need to align individual performance with business priorities and get everyone moving in the same direction.
This philosophy underlies all our change services, and has enabled us to grow from one client in Thailand to over 100 clients worldwide in 24 years.
Our competence is quickly grasping a client's business, the organization change challenge, and then creating practical actions that follow the "80/20 Rule" and drive results.
Clients often ask us to assist them to:

Strengthen top management collaboration and teamwork
Develop strong leaders, including using 360-degree feedback
Change mindest and attitude
Conduct strategic planning programs
Align functions and people with strategy
Create healthy, proactive work cultures
Brainstorm innovative ideas and "think outside the box"
Facilitate annual strategic planning meetings and conferences

Here are examples of our services:

Aligning Strategic Priorities

We work with client teams to align functions with corporate strategy and create practical change programs. With a combination of strategy consulting and workshops, we analyze and debate strategic priorities with the client. From this, we involve the client in creating relevant change programs supporting strategies. To complete the full program, we employ a logical four-step process as follows:

Define Strategic Priorities - clarify direction and impact on organization
Develop Change Programs - focus effort on what is important
Mobilize the Organization - align people and resources with desired change
Track and Measure Progress - ensure effective follow-up and progress

Each step logically builds off learnings from the previous step; thereby ensuring strategy underlies the total change effort.

These four steps are depicted in more detail below:

Forging Collective Leadership

Collective leadership at the top is essential. Collective leadership creates synergy by encouraging functional managers to work together for the good of the overall company. With our deep experience in group dynamics and psychology, we assist clients strengthen the effectiveness of their leadership teams. We tackle the tough issues: interpersonal conflict, personality differences, and misaligned priorities.

Energizing Great Teams

We challenge any other consultant to motivate teams better than we can. Our goal is to build high performing teams by addressing the obstacles that prevent people from working effectively together. With a combination of high energy and business focus, we align cross-functional objectives, simplify processes and enhance work relationships that form the foundation of outstanding teams.

Developing Outstanding Leaders

Our leadership programs are designed to develop general managers capable of leading diverse teams. We emphasize strategic thinking, managing people in cross-cultural environments, and solving complex business problems. Our programs engage participants in real world situations that challenge them to learn useful, practical skills that will help make them be more competent leaders and decision-makers.

Executive Coaching

We are a leading practitioner for one-on-one executive coaching. Our objective is to assist executives become more effective by helping them understand their strengths, weaknesses, frustration and aspirations. We do this by employing a personality assessment tool (e.g., 360-degree feedback, Myers-Briggs) in combination with professional one-on-one counseling.

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