Chao Group Limited

is an organization change
and executive training consultancy.

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Who We Are

Chao Group Limited is an organizational change and executive training consultancy.
We are specialists in aligning organizations with strategy, leadership development and management teambuilding.

Our emphasis is creating strong top management teams that think strategically, act collectively, and share accountability for business results.

Since 1995, we have assisted clients dramatically improve their business planning, execution and corporate cultures. We have over 95% repeat business with multinational clients and professional services firms worldwide. We serve our clients from offices in New York & Bangkok.

Why We Are Unique

Chao Group Limited was founded in 1995 to address concerns from chief executives, who were frustrated that their businesses were not achieving better performance and growth, despite extensive restructuring.

But available solutions were too conceptual or complicated, which made them difficult to implement. The challenge was how to implement practical solutions to drive change.

To do this, Chao Group discovered that it is critical for people to take ownership for change. This requires their full participation in the change process.

So our approach involves working with diverse executives from around the world to collaborate on defining what needs to change and how to change. The goal is to build understanding, energy and commitment to strategically sound solutions.

Throughout the process, we provide enough direction to ensure all relevant options are discussed. We use fact-based analysis and involve people in debating options with business impact.

What qualifies us to do this better than anyone else? We combine our business consulting experience with our success in facilitating executives with different opinions, styles and viewpoints. The result is creating the critical mass and commitment to achieve sustainable, real change.

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