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Here are some insightful ideas and practical management advice that have worked with clients.

The Time for Team Bonding is Now
Countries are beginning to open up to travelers, and loosen guidelines for social distancing, including face-to-face meetings. This is a huge opportunity for companies to strengthen teamwork. For the past 18 months, people have been working virtu .. 1153 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
Welcome Everyone Back to a New Work Culture
Even before the pandemic, the absence of this one value destroyed teamwork and disrupted plans and performance. As we recover from the pandemic and move to a new normal, this value is even more important than ever. It resolves 90% of your interpe .. 397 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
Don’t Let the Comfort Zone Ruin Your Life
For many, life during the pandemic started off exciting and stressful, but has now become more routine and comfortable. Early in the pandemic, there was so much change and uncertainty, people felt out of control. No one was sure about what was .. 193 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
How to Prepare Teams to Hit the Ground Running
Finally it appears companies are ready to transition people back into the office. We're not sure how to balance work from home with going to the office, but all of my clients have a game plan. Most of them are preparing their teams for a mix of fac .. 3815 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
Three Pointers for How to be an Effective Leader in Asia
Finally, I believe today is better than yesterday and with the vaccine, the pandemic eases. With it, countries will open up and business travel will resume. There are a lot of changes in personnel that will be made in Asia, as companies prepare f .. 274 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
How to Get People to Speak up in Virtual Meetings
LinkedIn asked me how I would encourage people to speak up in virtual meetings. In this video, I share our answer. There are three main ways: First, I would make sure that the content of the virtual meeting is relevant to the audience. Nothin .. 605 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
3 Ways to Restore People’s Energy and be Ready for the Future
It has been 18 months of grueling, dreary lockdown and virtual meetings to defeat the pandemic. But now there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. So now we need to re-energize our teams and be prepared for the future. Much of our tim .. 390 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
Respect Makes Diversity Work
As today’s organizations become more diverse, the need to ensure people respect each other increases. Without greater respect, diversity becomes a problem when individuals do not understand or appreciate differences. There are so many different p .. 313 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
How to Re-Energize Ourselves After a Year of the Pandemic
For many, this year has been energy draining. Between endless virtual meetings and being locked down at home, many people have suffered from overwork, anxiety and pandemic fatigue. Once source of energy that has been taken from us is our fac .. 657 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
Using Both Head and Heart to Leapfrog Back to Normal
Just as the pandemic has been one of the greatest disruptions of our time, recovering from it presents a huge challenge for companies everywhere. To emerge strong, we need to re-engage people both mentally and emotionally – what they need to do .. 5203 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
Who will help lift us out of this crisis, the Academic or the Entrepreneur?
How do businesses need to act as they emerge from the crisis? It’s likely a blend of caution and risk-taking, guided by a deep understanding of sentiment - how people feel and behave. Both of the academic and entrepreneur styles of working hav .. 4248 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
Competing in 2021: Balancing Agility with the Need for Steady Output
If there is one positive from this pandemic, it is that out of necessity, we have simplified the way we work and the way we make decisions. Fast, unpredictable market changes have forced us to act with agility and have made it impossible to involve .. 497 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
Two Changes to Expect When the Pandemic Ends
As the pandemic eases, not much is certain but two trends are likely: 1) some form of ‘work from home’ will remain in place, and 2) business travel and face-to-face meetings will skyrocket, as people seek relief from cabin fever. As we gyrate .. 875 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
What to Expect When the Pandemic Ends
As the pandemic eases, it seems some form of ‘work from home’ will remain in place and business travel and face-to-face meetings will skyrocket, as people recover from cabin fever. As we gyrate through recovery mode in early 2021, two outcomes f .. 279 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
What Will the Hope of Vaccines Bring?
The end of the pandemic might bring more uncertainty than we expect. We should be ready with open arms for anything. A vaccine for COVID could not have come sooner, and with it a ray of hope that life will return back to normal – a new normal wh .. 323 read, 0 Comment .. [More]

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