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How Landor Screwed Itself (Feb 1st)
19-Feb-07 [ by Larry Chao ] 10021 Read and 1206 Comment

Korean Air is suing Landor Associates‚ corporate identity and logo consultant‚ for working with its competitor‚ Asiana Airlines. 

According to Korean Air‚ Landor started working with its fierce rival Asiana Airlines right after it completed a complete image re-make for Korean Air.


Landor had agreed not to work for its rivals for at least four years‚ claims Korean Air.  Landor had access to all of Korean Air?s strategies‚ marketing and business plans.


Shame on you Landor.  If Korean Air?s allegations are true‚ you have just shot yourself in the foot.  Even if they are not‚ it isn?t best business practices to service two competitors in this fashion.  

Your new business development salesman may have gotten the deal with Asiana‚ but you?ve just tarnished your own identity.  Perhaps you need a corporate identity specialist or some common sense to bring you back to reality.

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