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Greed Hampering Economic Progress
26-Sep-06 [ by Larry Chao ] 8018 Read and 1 Comment

Last Friday‚ Banthoon Lamsam‚ CEO of Kasikornbank remarked at a seminar at Prince of Songkhla University that education and infrastructure‚ not populist policies were critical for Thailand's future.  

I can just see the audience nodding vigorously‚ like bobblehead dolls.BR>
If I had 10 baht everytime I heard someone mention the importance of education and infrastructure for Thailand‚ I'd be a kaziollionaire. This is nothing new or earthshattering.

So why haven't Thai politicians done anything about it? Maybe because payoffs for infrastructure and education projects are rarely realized within a politician's tenure. Therefore‚ why start a project if one may not be associated with the glory of its completion - or so their reasoning might go.

Despite all the rhetoric about doing what's good for the country‚ actions speak louder than words. We need to motivate our politicians to be less self-serving and more commited to public service.  But how?

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