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Sony's Fall From Grace
14-Sep-06 [ by Larry Chao ] 9700 Read and 10 Comment

Delay of its PlayStation 3 further undermines Sony?s credibility.  Originally scheduled for launch in Europe by this December‚ Sony announced that its PlayStation 3 will be delayed four months.

Seems one of the components of PlayStation?s Blu-ray technology‚ cannot be mass produced properly.


This does not bode well for Sony.  Not only does this delayed launch risk having a negative impact on financials‚ it is a huge blow for Blu-ray technology‚ which is in direct competition with advanced DVD technology (remember BetaMax?!).

Even more recently - September 12th - more bad news for Sony.  It announced that the launch of its new digital Walkman in Japan would be delayed at least a week because of a part malfunction.

That makes two delayed launches of innovative products within a week because of component problems.  Coincidence?  I do not know.  I do know that in the past this was not a common problem with Sony products.  There just seems to be a bit more sloppiness in the way their products are produced nowadays‚ not to mention the lack of exciting product designs.  Seems like all of Sony's clever engineers and diligent supply chain talent have moved to either Samsung or Apple.


What a shame.  Sony was once the undisputed leader in innovative‚ quality electronics.  Unless they figure out how to burnish their competitive advantage‚ they risk becoming lost in a sea of mediocre competitors.

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