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Don’t Let the Comfort Zone Ruin Your Life
September 21,2021 [ by Larry Chao ] 50 Read and 0 Comment

For many, life during the pandemic started off exciting and stressful, but has now become more routine and comfortable.

Early in the pandemic, there was so much change and uncertainty, people felt out of control. No one was sure about what was going to happen. Everyday brought different changes and dangers. Eventually, we accepted the reality of working remotely from home and constructed stable routines that we could control.

In addition to designing and scheduling our work days, we also adjusted how we managed the rest of our lives - eating, exercising and taking care of the family.

This new way of working has become comfortable. So comfortable that some of us want to continue living this way even as the pandemic eases.

But before we decide, it is important to step back and understand what we may be giving up with this lifestyle.

In this video-clip, we explore the option of resuming our lives the way we lived before the pandemic.

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