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How to Prepare Teams to Hit the Ground Running
September 13,2021 [ by Larry Chao ] 56 Read and 0 Comment

Finally it appears companies are ready to transition people back into the office. We're not sure how to balance work from home with going to the office, but all of my clients have a game plan. Most of them are preparing their teams for a mix of face-to-face and hybrid work from home scenarios.

The challenge is to make the transition back to a more normal worklife as fast and as seamless as possible. That means ensuring everyone is on the same page and that we restore a normal operating rhythm as fast as possible.

Looking ahead, it is not just about crisis management and executing directives from headquarters. Now much effort is being re-directed at building capabilities, mid-range planning and relationship building.

We need to ensure we sustain momentum and capture all the positives from the past 18 months to work effectively with the future business needs

Now is the time to prepare.

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