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Three Pointers for How to be an Effective Leader in Asia
September 02,2021 [ by Larry Chao ] 59 Read and 0 Comment

Finally, I believe today is better than yesterday and with the vaccine, the pandemic eases.

With it, countries will open up and business travel will resume. There are a lot of changes in personnel that will be made in Asia, as companies prepare for 2022 and beyond. Teams in local countries will need fresh leadership to inform them of new priorities and how to align.

One challenge that will persist is the need for new leaders - whether local or expatriates - to have impact quickly. This means understanding strategies, business issues and internal and external dynamics.

It will be important for leaders to hit the ground running and gain the trust and commitment of their teams. In this video-clip, I explore three simple ideas that will help new leaders build the foundation that will help them acclimate themselves to their Asian markets and teams.

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