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How to Get People to Speak up in Virtual Meetings
July 19,2021 [ by Larry Chao ] 405 Read and 0 Comment

LinkedIn asked me how I would encourage people to speak up in virtual meetings. In this video, I share our answer.

There are three main ways:

First, I would make sure that the content of the virtual meeting is relevant to the audience. Nothing is more boring and disengaging than topics in virtual meetings that are either already known, irrelevant or too detailed where only a few people “run down rabbit holes” while the rest of the audience watches.

Second, keep the number of participants small. The smaller the better. This gives individuals more air time, rather than having people competing to speak. Ideally 10-15, maximum 20 or so depending on the topic of the meeting and objective.

Third, it’s great to use a third party facilitator to draw people out and connect people and ideas. An effective facilitator can keep the energy level high, keep the conversation meaningful and allow the group leader to participate as a team member without over influencing the discussion.

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