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Respect Makes Diversity Work
June 28,2021 [ by Larry Chao ] 157 Read and 0 Comment

As today’s organizations become more diverse, the need to ensure people respect each other increases. Without greater respect, diversity becomes a problem when individuals do not understand or appreciate differences. There are so many different points of views and everyone thinks they are right.
We have all seen situations where team members argue and have conflict. This is not bad if people respect different ideas and are not defensive.
But when team members do not understand each other and refuse to put themselves in other people’s shoes, healthy disagreements can become destructive and undermine teamwork. By that time, conflict becomes personal and it is too late to save relationships.
It is imperative, therefore, to give team members the opportunity to understand their differences – different workstyles, cultures and nationalities. Creating this openness between people will help build healthy relationships based on respect, which in turn will make diversity work.

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