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Using Both Head and Heart to Leapfrog Back to Normal
March 16,2021 [ by Larry Chao ] 4482 Read and 0 Comment

Just as the pandemic has been one of the greatest disruptions of our time, recovering from it presents a huge challenge for companies everywhere.

To emerge strong, we need to re-engage people both mentally and emotionally – what they need to do and how they need to work together. This will ensure alignment and commitment to priorities that matter in an everchanging world.

For example, how do we continue to execute and innovate with speed and agility in a safe environment? What will consumers want? How might they change the way they shop?

One practical way to re-engage people is to create opportunities for them to share ideas and align on relevant business priorities across functions. At the same time, people can strengthen healthy relationships that foster strong collaboration. By doing these two tasks hand in hand, people will learn how to adapt to change.

The next few months are crucial. The first companies to re-engage their people so everyone is on the same page with the same intent and cadence will have a head start on the competition in the New Normal.

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