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Competing in 2021: Balancing Agility with the Need for Steady Output
January 15,2021 [ by Larry Chao ] 358 Read and 0 Comment

If there is one positive from this pandemic, it is that out of necessity, we have simplified the way we work and the way we make decisions. Fast, unpredictable market changes have forced us to act with agility and have made it impossible to involve everyone and to follow step by step protocols designed to produce consistent results.
But as we transition from crisis to recovery mode, we need to balance this agile way of working, with the need to scale up and exploit pockets of emerging growth opportunities.
The key question is: How do we retain the simplicity and speed of execution, without adding complexity to produce steady streams of profitable goods and services in more normal times? Can we do both at the same time, or is success about how quickly we can convert back and forth from a simple agile operating model to a simple stable model?
Nearly all companies will need to answer these questions to some degree. Answers will depend on different types of industries and how individual companies compete to win. But one thing is certain: To compete in the future, the ability to balance and leverage an agile operating model with a more stable model at the right time, will be of paramount importance.

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