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The Need for Us to Regain Control Over Our Lives
December 15,2020 [ by Larry Chao ] 281 Read and 0 Comment

In the link below, is an excellent article on the importance of control in power in our lives.

This article might help explain how we have felt during the pandemic. The feeling of being out of control, always on red alert, no control over our lives, may have left many unhappy, distressed and exhausted this year.
The importance of control and its corollary personal freedom, suggests how leaders might best manage people during these trying times – i.e., to encourage them to regain control and autonomy over their lives. This also explains why it is so difficult to give up power and control - an observation I've made in another article, related to the difficulty some politicians have accepting the fate of the recent US elections.

As we inch toward 2021, organizations should think about ways to "re-empower people" so that they feel more in control over their lives and work, rather than micro-managing their efforts in ongoing crisis mode. In fact, the upcoming challenge in 2021 will likely be how to transition from crisis to recovery in order to re-engage people and make workplaces productive, energizing and fun.

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