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From Agility to Reality
October 08,2020 [ by Larry Chao ] 343 Read and 0 Comment

Below are seven tried and true principles for re-organizing to create greater “agility”
By now, most businesses recognize the importance of organization “agility” to enhance change, speed and customer focus. In fact, according to a recent McKinsey, 70% of companies surveyed have embarked on efforts to pilot test and become more agile.
Various concepts, blueprints and approaches exist to bring agility to reality. No matter what approach is chosen, we have learned certain principles exist to help guide successful conversion. Let me summarize these principles below:
1. There are many ways to create agility, but agree on only one methodology to avoid confusing people. That methodology can and should be adapted.
2. Start with a clear purpose and business strategy to ensure everyone is on the same page and understands the outcomes, what needs to change and why.
3. Create cross functional agile teams, where they can produce the greatest change and value for customers, rather than implementing agility for agility’s sake.
4. Be clear about how roles will change from what people do today to what they need to do in the future. For example, working on change projects vs. business as usual.
5. Ensure early on that people understand exactly how they need to change their mindset and behaviours to support agility, as well as what they need to stop doing.
6. Keep things simple and do not strive for perfection. As companies embark on agility, it is about adopting a methodology and then adjusting to achieve change objectives.
7. Employ change tools such as agile coaches, scrum meetings Obeya rooms for rigours planning and updates. This keeps everyone involved and builds momentum.

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