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The Urgent Need to Lead
September 28,2020 [ by Larry Chao ] 333 Read and 0 Comment

Here in Thailand, we need to “lead” to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and resuscitate the economy.
The difference between management and leadership is that managers manage complexity and leaders lead change. Thus far in Thailand, we have done a great job “managing.” We have managed to control the pandemic by locking down the borders and implementing sufficient restrictions.
What we now need is a dose of leadership.
While our country remains largely closed, life inside our bubble goes on as people wait to get back to work. But when tourism accounts for nearly 20% GDP and it is virtually shut-down, we need to find other means of creating fresh growth, new jobs and circulating money. Waiting for a vaccine is keeping us in suspended animation while holding our breath at the same time. The trouble is, we can’t do this forever.
By now, we must know what the big ideas are that might drive growth and allow us to breathe. We need to get “some runs on the board” and not spend time debating the minutia pros and cons of these ideas. For example, funding large agriculture projects, expediting completion of infrastructure & the Special Economic Zones, jump starting Thailand 4.0.
During the next several weeks, we need to take some calculated risks and lead change. We won’t get anywhere if we do not take some risk. It is not easy, but merely managing and waiting for the storm to blow over is not the answer. If there was ever a moment in our history where we need to lead, it is now.

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