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Can We Retain Speed of Decision-Making Gained During the Crisis?
September 25,2020 [ by Larry Chao ] 196 Read and 0 Comment

By now, most companies here in Bangkok have brought their workforces back to the office. Some have kept some form of remote work; others have asked everyone to return.
In the near term, regardless of where and how people are working, the question is: Can we retain the benefit of fast decision-making achieved over the past six months?
Many multinational clients agree that one of the biggest business pluses during the recent lockdown & remote working conditions was that local operating teams were forced to make more decisions on their own, without input from regional and HQ management levels. This turned out better than expected, as local teams were close to changes in the market and had an immediate sense of what needed to be done to ensure business continuity.
But maintaining decision-making speed will be tougher than it looks, as normalcy returns and people once again have the freedom to manage their lives. Some of the simple challenges will be scheduling meetings, aligning ever-shifting priorities, and creating a unified work culture. These will all affect the speed of decision-making we gained working in crisis mode when everyone was locked-down from 8-5 and had no choice.
In the end, we need to retain the disciplined work habits developed over the last six months, while re-capturing the freedom and lives we loved before the crisis.

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