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Pandemic Proves Management Layers are Unnecessary
September 18,2020 [ by Larry Chao ] 205 Read and 0 Comment

What this pandemic has taught us is that empowered teams can perform effectively without the burden of so many management layers interrupting and directing what they do.

During this pandemic, top management has been forced to empower managers and teams to think and act on their own. What they discovered is that empowered people created more innovative solutions and better ways to execute than ever before. The accumulated layers of management and specialized roles that regulated operations in the past, actually smothered local execution, and did not contribute to the consumer experience at all.

The new reality is that empowered teams are better equipped to make immediate, high impact decisions without the tether of corporate bureaucracy, procedures and protocol. These so-called front line management teams need the freedom to continue to perform independently even as we emerge from the crisis. What we have learned is they are best suited to interpret what is happening in the local marketplace and often can make faster, better decisions for the business. Of course, supporting roles are still necessary to ensure proper investments, alignment, and capability & brand development, but they do not necessarily need to be involved in day-to-day operations.

For the next several months, we will likely be thinking about what we have learned from the pandemic, especially how we can improve agility and organization effectiveness. What should be at the top of the agenda is how much we can improve speed and agility by restructuring out unnecessary management layers and freeing up local operations to think and act on their own.

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