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Donald Trump’s Brash Leadership Style is Passé
March 27,2017 [ by Larry Chao ] 1221 Read and 0 Comment

According to Larry Chao, Donald Trump’s brash, arrogant style may have helped him win the U.S. Presidency last November, but now it is hampering his ability to govern effectively. What he needs is a dose of humility and respect for others.

During his campaign, Trump tapped into the concerns of disenfranchised Americans. His arrogance and disrespect for the status quo appealed to so many and became his rallying cry.

But as he has transitioned from campaigning to governing, this style has cost him. A Gallup Poll released in late March showed that only 37% of Americans approve of his performance, while 58% of Americans disapprove of his performance since taking office.

If Trump wishes to succeed, he needs to build trust and unify people, not alienate those who disagree with him.

Enlightened leaders today know the importance of humility and respect. Instead of using a know-it-all style, they focus on winning the hearts and minds of people. For example, they listen more and empathize. They are open to diverse ideas. They admit their mistakes. Such behaviors nurture a culture of trust, loyalty and inclusion.

But do bosses who demonstrate humility and respect produce better financial results? According to KRW International, a leadership consultancy in Minneapolis Minnesota, the answer is a resounding yes.

In a study over a three-year period, KRW measured the effect of a CEO’s character on performance. What they discovered was that CEOs who received positive feedback from employees on high character traits such as integrity, responsibility, humility and compassion had an average return on assets of 9.35% over a two-year period. This compared to a return of only 1.93% for CEOs who scored low on character.

One might conclude from this study that bosses who distorted the truth for personal gain, did not follow through on their promises, and who cared more about their accomplishments at the expense of others, were less successful than those who did not.

It is still early days for President Donald Trump, but there are many worrying signs that he will not succeed using his current arrogant leadership style. Thus far, he has failed to achieve major legislative victory, most recently, the bill to repeal Obamacare and institutionalize a new health care plan.

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