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Our New Published Article Section
September 12,2012 [ by Larry Chao ] 104956 Read and 124 Comment

Welcome to our new website! From time to time, we will share our thoughts with you on the latest management tools and trends.

In the past, we wrote about all sorts of management and business topics. This was a bit too general. We'd like to focus our thinking and writing on management related topics, and how to improve organization performance.

What will be especially interesting is to pass along what we learn from practical experiences working with executives and teams from around the world. Call it our version of "practical best practices" that have helped our clients win.

We will review theories, concepts and business stories, only if we have modified them to work in real life or can glean some practical insight from them. Our goal is to offer fresh ideas that have been tried and tested.

Normally, our articles will kept short - a few paragraphs, so that we cut to the chase and relate only what is important. However, if you are interested in learning more, go ahead and email us at any time.

Meanwhile, please feel free to look through our past management articles and draw out any ideas that you might find useful!

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