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The Curse of Facebook
19-Nov-11 [ by Larry Chao ] 29743 Read and 2 Comment

Having a Facebook account is not necessarily a good thing‚ writes Larry Chao


Facebook is a phenomenon that enraptures us 24 hours a day.  Whether it is updating what we are doing‚ our pictures or just chatting idly‚ we whittle hours away each day on Facebook staying ?in touch‚? with friends‚ family and yes‚ even strangers.


No doubt Facebook has enriched our lives and made connecting with each other so much easier and enjoyable.


But I think Facebook has become a very destructive addiction.


Here is why:


Drugs are a terrible addiction because they rob you of your senses.  Being an alcoholic destroys your liver and your health.  Gambling addiction can make you go broke.  We know what a chocolate addiction can do to your cholesterol levels.


But being addicted to Facebook robs you of something even more precious.  It robs you of time.


Instead of using Facebook to supplement their lives‚ people use it to supplant their lives. 


Rather than living and creating enjoyable memories‚ people wallow in the past and or enjoy the trivia of idly chattering to fulfill their need for attention and recognition. 


Worse individual profile pages look like shrines‚ with the less flattering descriptions and pictures of our lives filtered out‚ so at the end of the day‚ we are what we want others to see us as‚ rather than who we are.


But most importantly is the time we spend grooming our pages and telling people what we are eating or where we are going that is the most harmful.  Actually no one really cares‚ but we think it matter.  The time we spend on these mindless tasks adds up and before we know it‚ we have compromised our lives.  The time we have to be ourselves‚ learn‚ grow and experience life has been shortened.


I?ve never known anyone to brag about having ?over 2‚000 Facebook friends? or over 10‚000 posts on a social website‚ but I have heard of people talk proudly about the race they won through hard training‚ getting into an Ivy League college from studying hard‚ or becoming a great piano player from hours of practice.


Oh yes‚ and being promoted because of hard work and focus on the business.


But you can?t achieve these things without committing time in the real world‚ off-line.


I have a Facebook account but the last time I looked at it was three months ago.  I have no idea how people find the time to do Facebook as much as they do.  No wonder people complain of not having enough time.  They actually do‚ but they prioritize incorrectly!


So the next time you are about to log in‚ remember that Facebook is an addiction and it robs you so slowly and subtly of the time you should be investing in living‚ enjoying life and creating memories. 


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