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Pssst! Do you want to know the secret of effective communications?
9-May-11 [ by Larry Chao ] 15478 Read and 376 Comment

A client friend of mine once told me that when he started working in the late 70s‚ his first training program was on effective communications.


Some 40 years later‚ effective communications is still a priority!


It seems the more we communicate via email‚ text messages‚ meetings‚ etc‚ the less we understand.  We have gotten a bit careless in the way we speak and write.


Because the world has become more complex‚ we need to communicate with more care.  We need to keep our messages simple and to the point.


For example‚ there are so many different priorities‚ cultures‚ jargon‚ competing interests that getting a single message across is more difficult than ever.


In many cases‚ people believe the secret to better communication is to teach people to listen more effectively.  That is only partly true.  There is only so much people can understand‚ even if they gave their full attention to the speaker.


Communication can be vastly improved if the speaker understands his audience.  If the audience does not understand‚ it is usually a case of the speaker being unclear.


Yet too often we punish the listener‚ not realizing that it is the speaker who needs to improve his communication skills.


Effective listening isn?t about blaming the listener because he or she doesn?t seem ?to get it.?  It is more about the speaker clarifying the message in a way that the audience understands.

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