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Has Research in Motion Lost its Luster?
7-May-11 [ by Larry Chao ] 106322 Read and 3 Comment

Apparently so.

Their latest products‚ including the sliding Blackberry Torch handset‚ were not much of an improvement over the incumbent Blackberry Bold.

Moreover‚ I haven't seen anything from RIM that competes with the iPad.  Perhaps they will come out with something this summer‚ who knows.  

Frankly I think it is too late.  They are too far behind to be relevant‚ unless they come out with a blockbuster idea.

What happened to RIM?  Only recently they were the juggernauts of the mobile phone industry. 

When texting and emailing via mobile phone devices became hip‚ they seized the opportunity and reaped huge market share.  Since then‚ they seem to have rested on their laurels.

Granted‚ the Blackberry Bold introduced a few years ago is fantastic.  But with the mobile phone industry changing daily‚ they need new products to "keep up with the Jones."

RIM has vast resources‚ great products and a strong brand.  So did Nokia a few years ago‚ until they started drifting away from their core products with gadgets instead of phones.  I hope they find their way back to their core‚ corporate customers.  Otherwise‚ I'm sure Apple will welcome their market share.

I'd like to change my Blackberry Bold that I bought a few years ago.  The screen is scratched and it looks a bit dated.  But until RIM gives me a reason to change‚ I'll either stick with what I have‚ or I'll switch to Apple‚ Samsung or HTC.

Are you listening‚ RIM?

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