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The Aftermath of Bin Laden
13-May-11 [ by Larry Chao ] 24238 Read and 2 Comment

Is the world a safer place now that Osama bin Laden is gone?  

We can only speculate how Al Quaeda and other terrorist groups will react.

Some believe there will be fierce attacks to avenge is death.  Others feel the terrorist organizations are leaderless and on the run.

But here is the thing:

Terrorism is an ideology.  It is difficult to get rid of it by killing one man. 


The risk is that the ?have-nots? of the world will continue to rally around this ideology for safe-haven. 


They will see democracy and western values as a reason for all the unfairness and all of their ills and oppression.


Hopefully more moderate views will prevail.  But as long as there are winners and losers‚ there will always be fuel to keep terrorism going.

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