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Gadhafi in Denial
3-Mar-11 [ by Larry Chao ] 17763 Read and 0 Comment

Moammar Gadhafi‚ the embattled Libyan leader‚ is in denial.  He is convinced that his people still love and adore him‚ despite all the recent protests for his removal.

He believes al Quaeda and other foreigners are creating all the turmoil in his country and he is determined to fight them to the death.

I wonder how much of his denial is the result of his inability to accept bad news about himself and how much is caused by the people around him only feeding him news that he wants to hear.

It is probably a combination of both.  

It is the same type of denial that prevents many executives from advancing in their careers.

People believe what they want to believe.  When people around them reinforce what they want to hear‚ and they have a close mind to anything that is inconsistent with what they believe‚ then fiction replaces reality.

This is probably the biggest reason why executives fail to achieve their potential.  Their biggest obstacle is the inability to look in the mirror‚ face reality and change to improve.

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