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Here are some insightful ideas and practical management advice that have worked with clients.

The Secret to Effective Meetings… and Great Execution
Here is what a great meeting looks like: 1. Candor – People are open, honest and respectful about what is happening and the issues at hand. They face reality head-on, without having to side-step the truth. 2. Relaxed – Sure bus .. 2282 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
PUBLISHED ARTICLE: "Digital Revolution" Shaping Diverse and Agile Cultures in Asia
Digital technologies are reshaping work cultures in Asia and that is good news for both workers and businesses. The top down, authoritative “control culture” is being supplanted by agile cultures, which promote diversity, open-mindset and empowe .. 1470 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
PUBLISHED ARTICLE: Competitive Imperatives for 2019 and Beyond
As multinationals struggle to satisfy fickle consumer, compete against agile local players and keep up with disruptive digital technologies, they are discovering that bold moves rather than incremental solutions open doors to better opportunities. .. 3764 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
PUBLISHED ARTICLE: Technology Defines the Challenges for Retailers in 2019
In this newspaper article, we explore trends that will affect the success of retailers in Thailand. For example, retailers who do not pay attention to the impact of digital technology on the top and bottom lines, or the importance of providing excit .. 1439 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
News Flash: When Knowledge and Experience Cripple a Leader
When Knowledge & Experience Cripple a Leader To most leaders, knowledge is power. It is said if you have knowledge, then you have an advantage over your competitors and your peers. But nowadays, knowledge can be a liability, if the leader is the .. 1354 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
How to Create Meetings Where People Want to Speak Out
A clever facilitator can open people up and create a great meeting experience. It is all about understanding business issues and context, and creating an atmosphere where people feel safe and want to express what they think. One of the reasons pe .. 1304 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
How the AMCHAM Chief in Thailand Achieved Her Purpose
Most successful organizations have a clear, meaningful purpose, which focuses efforts and drives relevant change. Such has been the case of The American Chamber of Commerce [AMCHAM] in Thailand, which has thrived over the years. After 17 years at .. 2218 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
Lessons from The Emperor’s New Clothes for Asia in 2018
Donald Trump has often been associated with the story of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” for being out of touch with reality and ignorant. But the lessons from this fable also hold true for leaders working in Asia, where employees are often reluct .. 1560 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
2018: The Year of Simplifying How We Work
This year, more than ever, I will work with companies to simplify what they do and fight complexity. Last year, it seemed companies embarked on many discrete initiatives and not enough harmony and integration. With so many different lists of prior .. 1199 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
Making “Digital-Driven” Matrix Organizations Work
Matrix organization teams are larger and more difficult to manage today than ever before, writes Larry Chao. But by creating a disciplined mindset for execution, leaders can boost performance. Thanks to digital technology, matrix organization tea .. 3958 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
Donald Trump’s Brash Leadership Style is Passé
According to Larry Chao, Donald Trump’s brash, arrogant style may have helped him win the U.S. Presidency last November, but now it is hampering his ability to govern effectively. What he needs is a dose of humility and respect for others. Duri .. 1683 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
PUBLISHED ARTICLE: The Science of Building Trust, Collaboration and Teamwork
How do you create a culture of trust? What inspires managers to collaborate and work as a team? Now science has an answer that confirms much of what we have long believed, writes Larry Chao. Scientific Proof In his recent article, The Neuroscie .. 4769 read, 1 Comment .. [More]
The Great Business Challenge of 2017
First of all, Happy New Year!  We wish you great success in 2017.   2017 will be our 22nd year in business.  It has been quite a learning experience with continuous change and growth.    Last year, our most sought after service was aligning .. 1745 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
Thai Union’s Corporate Launch is More than a New Name
taki .. 3251 read, 1 Comment .. [More]
Why Many Executives Plateau
It is insightful speaking with chief executives about what prevents executives from being promoted to senior management. There are two common reasons: First, the inability to achieve results through others and second, poor interpersonal skills th .. 26195 read, 1 Comment .. [More]

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