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Here are some insightful ideas and practical management advice that have worked with clients.

Competing in 2021: Balancing Agility with the Need for Steady Output
If there is one positive from this pandemic, it is that out of necessity, we have simplified the way we work and the way we make decisions. Fast, unpredictable market changes have forced us to act with agility and have made it impossible to involve .. 25 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
Two Changes to Expect When the Pandemic Ends
As the pandemic eases, not much is certain but two trends are likely: 1) some form of ‘work from home’ will remain in place, and 2) business travel and face-to-face meetings will skyrocket, as people seek relief from cabin fever. As we gyrate .. 29 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
What to Expect When the Pandemic Ends
As the pandemic eases, it seems some form of ‘work from home’ will remain in place and business travel and face-to-face meetings will skyrocket, as people recover from cabin fever. As we gyrate through recovery mode in early 2021, two outcomes f .. 19 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
What Will the Hope of Vaccines Bring?
The end of the pandemic might bring more uncertainty than we expect. We should be ready with open arms for anything. A vaccine for COVID could not have come sooner, and with it a ray of hope that life will return back to normal – a new normal wh .. 49 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
To Win, Organizations Need to Allow People to Feel Free
2020 has taught us that personal freedom is vital to our happiness. If companies consider this, they can create productive, healthy work cultures that inspire & retain the best people. This pandemic has confirmed one human desire: Personal freedom .. 72 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
The Need for Us to Regain Control Over Our Lives
In the link below, is an excellent article on the importance of control in power in our lives. This article might help explain how we ha .. 87 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
All that Glitters is Not Gold – But Some is
For one Thai retailer, this pandemic has been a blessing in disguise. When studying their consumers’ shopping habits one day last July, someone noticed the sharp influx of a new wave of consumers, who might never have shopped in their stores, had .. 1544 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
From Agility to Reality
Below are seven tried and true principles for re-organizing to create greater “agility” By now, most businesses recognize the importance of organization “agility” to enhance change, speed and customer focus. In fact, according to a recent M .. 286 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
The Urgent Need to Lead
Here in Thailand, we need to “lead” to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and resuscitate the economy. The difference between management and leadership is that managers manage complexity and leaders lead change. Thus far in Thailand, we have d .. 285 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
Can We Retain Speed of Decision-Making Gained During the Crisis?
By now, most companies here in Bangkok have brought their workforces back to the office. Some have kept some form of remote work; others have asked everyone to return. In the near term, regardless of where and how people are working, the question .. 153 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
The Vexing Problem of Transitioning from Crisis Management to Recovery Mode
Managing the pandemic crisis and planning for recovery are two discrete challenges with seemingly conflicting priorities. They both need to be addressed effectively. In a scary way, managing an uncertain recovery is tougher than managing in crisi .. 144 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
Pandemic Proves Management Layers are Unnecessary
What this pandemic has taught us is that empowered teams can perform effectively without the burden of so many management layers interrupting and directing what they do. During this pandemic, top management has been forced to empower managers and .. 157 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
T-AB Magazine: Cracking the Code on Organization Agility
To become more agile, companies need leaders and teams with an entrepreneurial mindset, who value ideas more than processes and protocol. .. 780 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
Covid-19 crisis
No one knows the outcome of COVID19, so we can only follow its progress and anticipate what might happen. Nevertheless, the more facts and updates available to analyse, the better off we will be to manage the future. Starts at 4:34 .. 880 read, 0 Comment .. [More]
Breakthrough in Successful Organization Change
The role of consultants in assisting organizations to change no longer works. It is time to follow a different recipe that relies on the 80/20 rule, management ownership, and good collaboration. Successful organization change is all about identif .. 2013 read, 0 Comment .. [More]

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