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This section is a combination of published newspaper & magazine articles as well as our opinions on current management/business topics. We welcome your feedback!

China's Booming Luxury Car Market
Recently China passed the U.S. as the biggest car market in the world.  It is also inching up to be one of the biggest luxury car markets in the world too.

With luxury car makers such as Mercedes-Benz‚ BMW and Audi racking up triple .. 8438 read, 5204 comment .. [More]
Is Bangkok Safe to Visit?

Well‚ I am still here!

I've lived here for over 19 years and I've never felt threatened by political unrest.

Over the years‚ I've learned that international news only highlights the violence related to these .. 6406 read, 1 comment .. [More]

Is ex-Lehman CEO Lying to Save His Butt?
It makes me sick listening to former Lehman Brothers CEO Richard Fuld explain to law makers why his Firm went bankrupt in 2008.

This is yet again‚ a case of a CEO [like Jeffrey Skilling who destroyed Enron]‚ .. 6463 read, 2 comment .. [More]
Goldman Sachs On the Firing Line
The U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission has filed a civil suit against Goldman accusing the firm of misleading investors.

In its suit‚ the SEC claims Goldman sold mortgage-backed securities to investors without inform .. 7016 read, 1 comment .. [More]
(June 29th‚ 5:00pm) What a difffence a month makes.  Everything is back to normal‚ and Bangkok is still standing.  The huge casualties from the dispersment of red shirt protesters never happened.  Other tha .. 7879 read, 1 comment .. [More]
Raging Protests in Bangkok Create Catch-22
21 killed and 850 injured from brutal firefights that erupted in Bangkok on Saturday night between the so-called "red-shirt" protesters‚ supporting ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra and government troops.  Now‚ .. 11987 read, 237 comment .. [More]
PUBLISHED ARTICLE: Nothing Wrong with Engaging in Office Politics If You are Sincere
A bit of self-promotion can be a good thing‚ if it is done in an honest and sincere way‚ writes Larry Chao.

Few executives encourage their staff to play office politics.  In fact‚ I?ve never seen a s .. 6849 read, 1 comment .. [More]
Will the iPad Be a Winner?

Although Apple turned the mobile phone industry upside-down with its iPhone‚ I'm not sure the iPad will have the same effect on the personal computing industry. 

But is the iPad even in that industry‚ or does it represent a .. 10144 read, 1 comment .. [More]

PUBLISHED ARTICLE: Toyota Must Deal with Denial
Toyota?s current troubles seem to illustrate that it is easy for managers to fall into the trap of denial and not accept the very problems that allow them to learn from their mistakes‚ writes Larry Chao. 

No doubt for years to come& .. 9368 read, 21 comment .. [More]
Toyota Dealers are Barking up the Wrong Tree
This week Toyota dealers in the U.S. are rallying on Capital Hill to defend the Toyota brand from attack by Congress.  But aren't they aiming their attention in the wrong direction?  Shouldn't they be picketing at Toyota headquarters instea .. 105772 read, 1 comment .. [More]
Toyota Needs to Step up and Take Responsibility... NOW
It?s almost like the newspapers are prodding Toyota to take action on all of its liability problems.

From the Wall Street Journal‚ to the Herald Tribune to local newspapers‚ everyone is reporting on Toyota?s problems .. 9245 read, 135 comment .. [More]
Is the Sticky Gas Pedal Really Fixed?
Jim Lentz‚ president of Toyota U.S. sales says the problem with gas pedals sticking in its cars has been identified and solved.

He believes defects with the pedal itself or floor mats caused the problem and that it has .. 15383 read, 165 comment .. [More]
PUBLISHED ARTICLE [Redux]: How Arrogance Can Undermine You
While organizations struggle to adapt to changing markets‚ some veteran leaders are learning the biggest hurdles might be their own reluctance to let go of past successes and learn new skills‚ writes Larry Chao.
&n .. 7432 read, 1 comment .. [More]
Can We Still Trust Toyota?
Toyota seems to have solved the problem with its sticking gas pedal.  But why did this problem get so out of hand in the first place?

Toyota?s sticking gas pedal problem has been front page news for the past several weeks.&n .. 6331 read, 1 comment .. [More]
Ed Whitacre the New Comfortable GM CEO (Jan 26th)
Congratulations to Edward E. Whitacre Jr‚ who has just been confirmed as permanent chief executive of General Motors.  Whitacre had been serving as interim CEO while recruiters had been searching for a permanent replacement.

Accordi .. 12203 read, 2 comment .. [More]

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