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This section is a combination of published newspaper & magazine articles as well as our opinions on current management/business topics. We welcome your feedback!

Let the Music Wars Begin: iPod vs. Zune
Like Kleenex or Q-tip‚ Apple?s iPod has demonstrated that category leadership depends on getting into the market first with a quality product.  Today‚ the iPod dominates the portable digital media market category.
.. 18916 read, 0 comment .. [More]
Bank of America's Appetite for Barclays
Pssst!  Wanna know a good tip?  How about Merrill Lynch's report that Bank of America might take over Britain's Barclays bank?

Rumor has it that Bank of America is pretty interested in Barclays and might be willing to pay a 25% .. 37 read, 2 comment .. [More]
Kerkorian Jettisons his GM Shares
Last week Kirk Kerkorian decided to sell his shares of General Motors stock.  He had had enough.  That says a lot about GM?s stubbornness and resistance to change. 
9302 read, 2491 comment .. [More] A Phenomenal Trend
With 140 million users‚ MySpace is a brilliant venue for people to express themselves.  Most importantly‚ it is a way of connecting with others in a non-threatening manner.  The fear of rejection and fai .. 4277 read, 0 comment .. [More]
So, You Want to Become Great?
I was inspired by a recent article in Fortune entitled: ?What it Takes to Be Great.? 
Basically the article concludes that natural talent does not play a part in great .. 8785 read, 1 comment .. [More]
Vietnam's Charge onto the Global Stage
Vietnam is coming onto the global stage like gangbusters.  Over the next few days‚ it will have its moment in the sun‚ as president Bush meets with Vietnamese Prime Minister Dung and the Apec summit kicks off in Hanoi.

Wi .. 10813 read, 3 comment .. [More]
Thailand's New Airport Sucks!
Wow‚ Thailand's new airport‚ 37752 read, 137 comment .. [More]
Skilling Still in Denial at Trial
On Monday Oct. 23‚ Judge Simeon Lake sentenced Jeffrey Skilling‚ former Enron chief executive to 24 years and four months in jail for his role in the Enron debacle.
Yet despite the preponderance of evid .. 13707 read, 2 comment .. [More]
How to REALLY Breakdown Functional Barriers
Believe it or not‚ if you design incentives properly and put the right leaders in place‚ you can solve most of this problem.  The remainder of the problem can be resolved by clarifying objectives‚ roles & responsibilities&s .. 99242 read, 1 comment .. [More]
Google Buys YouTube.... WOW
Incredible.  The Google acquisition of YouTube is a marriage made in heaven‚ if Google can parry the onslaught of copyright infringement lawsuits that are sure to come.

People yearn for a media to express themselves.& .. 11989 read, 237 comment .. [More]
ARTICLE: The Importance of Business-to-Business Selling Skills for Premium Brands
As markets mature in Asia‚ players hawking premium brands in the business-to-business (B2B) sector must improve their selling skills or face competing as commodities‚ writes Larry Chao.
Greg Meadows is u .. 14705 read, 1 comment .. [More]
India's Tidal Wave of Growth Will Spare No One
Last month I ran a workshop in Jaipur‚ India for Starwood Hotels & Resorts.  What startled me the most about India was the sprawling economic growth around New Delhi.  

For example‚ the road from New Delhi to Jai .. 7097 read, 1 comment .. [More]
Hewlett-Packard and CNET BOTH Guilty of Spying
In a nutshell‚ HP is accused of illegally spying on reporters and directors in an attempt to plug an information leak.
This leak was the source of a news article released this past J .. 107188 read, 2 comment .. [More]
U.S Responds with Disappointment to Thai Coup
On one hand‚ the US expressed disappointment at Thailand's coup.  On the other hand‚ they stopped short of endorsing a return by former Prime Minister Thaksin to power.  So‚ what is it?

According to US state de .. 7219 read, 1 comment .. [More]
PUBLISHED ARTICLE: Local retailers under pressure to differentiate to stay afloat

Despite protection offered by the Commerce Ministry‚ which is seeking to halt expansion by international superstores‚ local retailers must devise a way to differentiate their businesses and attract c .. 5176 read, 2 comment .. [More]

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