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This section is a combination of published newspaper & magazine articles as well as our opinions on current management/business topics. We welcome your feedback!

How One Selfish Individual Risked Causing a Pandemic of TB

It scares me to learn that a 31-year old lawyer from Atlanta with tuberculosis decided it was safe to travel overseas‚ despite being warned twice by U.S. authorities not to travel.  Eventually when he returned to Atlanta‚ he was f .. 38 read, 1 comment .. [More]

Korean Business Tycoon in Bar Fight
This past March‚ as the story goes‚ Kim Dong-won a 22-year old college student was involved in a bar fight in Seoul Korea.  The next day‚ his father‚ Kim Seung-youn‚ hired a group of thugs and then together wit .. 14057 read, 1 comment .. [More]
TO: My Classmates, Foote School 1972!!!!!
Wow‚ it is GREAT to see that reunion picture!  Wish I had been in it!!!  You all look terrific... some things never change (one person in the back of the pic. peeking out‚ I could not identify!).

How time flies.  .. 12624 read, 81 comment .. [More]
MIT Admissions Officer Caught Lying
Last week‚ Marilee Jones‚ dean of admissions at MIT‚ was fired for lying about her academic credentials 28 years ago when she was first hired for an entry level position in the admissions office.
What seeme .. 10280 read, 1 comment .. [More]
China Poisons Pet Foods Sent to U.S.
Well‚ this news will set China's exporting machine back a few years.  American food regulators have traced the tainted pet food that killed at least 16 pets and sickened hundreds others recently to Chinese pet food exporters. &nb .. 6505 read, 1 comment .. [More]
Visa Thailand Country Manager's Dream a Nightmare
Somboon Krobterreanon‚ country manager for Visa Thailand‚ had a dream.  His dream was that everyone in Thailand had a Visa card and would make their daily purchases on credit.  What a nightmare!

Playing off Steve Job .. 13693 read, 38 comment .. [More]
SPECIAL: Why Cho Seung-Hui Killed...
While not a business topic‚ the horrible mass murder of 32 people at Virginia Tech this week cannot pass without some reflection.

The killer‚ Cho Seung-Hui‚ seemed to be ranting against the rich and the "haves. .. 7071 read, 6 comment .. [More]
Non-Japanese Board Member Just a Token?
Toyota finally appointed a non-Japanese ? James Press ? to its board of directors.  Press is currently Toyota?s North American operations president.
According to a Toyota spokesman‚ appointing Press to the board w .. 104171 read, 0 comment .. [More]
Mine is Bigger than Yours!
Seems like the world can't have enough skyscrapers.  I just learned Dubai is in the running to build the tallest building in the world‚ code-named "The Burj" or "Tower."  This tower would be one kilometer tall .. 100877 read, 1 comment .. [More]
I'm not surprised Citicorp is in the tanker
Before I cut up my Citibank "WORLD" Mastercard‚ let me post this quick blog to warn consumers about it.  

I had this card issued several years ago.  I paid for services purchased in the U.S. and abroad.  It .. 6142 read, 2 comment .. [More]
Google Allows Insulting Videoclip of Thai Monarchy to Stay
The row over whether Google should have removed an offensive videoclip of His Majesty the King of Thailand from its YouTube website has polarized the public into two camps: those who believe in freedom of speech; and those who are incensed over the d .. 26 read, 1 comment .. [More]
Emails are Killing Your Effectiveness
Let's face it.  The "average executive" must get about 100 emails a day‚ 90% which do not add any value to his/her contributions to the business.  Many are cover your ass emails or correspondence that should be made via tele .. 18119 read, 1 comment .. [More]
India Gobbles Up Coal Plant
Glad to learn India is fueling its growth by trying to secure natural fuel resources‚ this time in the form of coal operations.
Tata Power‚ India?s giant non-state owned power company‚ just purchased a  .. 107323 read, 1 comment .. [More]
Can Lexus Really be THE Luxury Brand?

Lexus is a terrific car‚ but will it ever be said in the same breadth as Mercedes and BMW?  Now they are coming out with a $100‚000 high end model to appeal to the super rich‚ but will people ever equate it with a Benz?
< .. 11749 read, 252 comment .. [More]

Takafmi Horie: Criminal or Cult Hero?
Japanese securities authorities sentenced Takafumi Horie‚ the 34-year old Internet entrepreneur to two and a half years in jail for manipulating the earning of his Internet company Livedoor Co.

Yet Horie is a bit of a cult hero in Japan. .. 11656 read, 1 comment .. [More]

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