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This section is a combination of published newspaper & magazine articles as well as our opinions on current management/business topics. We welcome your feedback!

China Readies Itself for Olympics

Next year's Olympics could prove to be a huge injection of confidence for China on the global economic stage.  I just returned from Beijing and the City has already been planning for this monstrous event for months.

Already infrastruct .. 8601 read, 1 comment .. [More]

Bill Gives Hillary Credibility
I?ve never really been sold on Hillary Clinton as President of the United States - until recently.  There just seems to be something a bit ?staged? and artificial about her.  To me‚ she does not exude the same substance‚ as let? .. 7585 read, 1 comment .. [More]
Nardelli to Chrysler? Your Kidding!

What a weird choice.  

Yes‚ Bob Nardelli‚ former Home Depot and General Electric executive did have an enviable track record at GE.  He cut cost and drove revenue/market share for GE's locomotove unit in .. 7540 read, 0 comment .. [More]

Pepsi Kills Successful "Ice Cucumber" Drink

Why did Pepsi decide to pull its successful new "Ice Cucumber" beverage from shelves in Japan?  

In early June‚ Pepsi launched 4.8 million bottles of it new cucumber flavored drink onto convenience store retail she .. 6780 read, 0 comment .. [More]

Made in China = Watch Out!
Here is a disturbing statistic for China exporters: Almost half the defective products identified by the European Union came from China in 2006.
I?m not surprised.  This is consistent with recent stories of tainted food .. 7293 read, 1 comment .. [More]
Nestle Slims Down for Growth
Great to see Nestle grab the bull by the horns and focus on profit margins. 
Today‚ $75 billion Nestle dwarfs the next biggest foods company ? Unilever.  But being the biggest does not necessarily mean you ar .. 6813 read, 0 comment .. [More]
PUBLISHED ARTICLE: Perennial Challenge of Globalizing Brands

As ambitious Thai businesses like Charoen P .. 8769 read, 1947 comment .. [More]

Arroyo's Promise to Philippines Comes up Empty
I am tired of hearing promises for growth from leaders of sleepy third world countries.  They sound like broken records.
Specifically‚ I am referring to Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo‚ who anno .. 13746 read, 1 comment .. [More]
IBM is Back in the Game
IBM is experiencing a mini resurgence.  Since Samuel Palmisano took over as CEO five years ago‚ IBM has struggled to right-size itself in the business marketplace and away from highly competitive low margin businesses like personal co .. 112477 read, 2 comment .. [More]
For Now, the Chrysler Brand is Dying
Is Chrysler trying to commit suicide?  After shooting itself in the foot by failing to introduce any interesting new cars into the U.S. market‚ now they are betting on China?!

Recently‚ Chrysler signed an agreement to outsourc .. 21251 read, 1 comment .. [More]
Apple's New iPhone Will Dazzle!
Steve Jobs is brilliant.  His new Apple iPhone will change the mobile phone industry forever‚ the way Starbucks disrupted the way people buy coffee.

From early accounts‚ the iPhone is a smashing success.  Yes there are a .. 11524 read, 1 comment .. [More]
Rupert Murdoch Moves in for the Kill
Will Dow Jones & Co sell out .. 7514 read, 2 comment .. [More]
NEWSPAPER ARTICLE: Internet Amplifies the Growing Voice of Consumers
As consumers are finding their voice online‚ they are disrupting traditional forms of mass media communication‚ writes Larry Chao.
Big business has always managed its reputation and promoted brands with ef .. 19128 read, 1 comment .. [More]
What's This Fantasy with "BRIC?"
"BRIC" or Brazil‚ Russia‚ India‚ and China are getting a lot of press lately.  Big corporations are clamoring to get into these four markets because everyone is saying that is where the future is.

Stop right no .. 9943 read, 4629 comment .. [More]
China's Reputation as an Exporter Bombed to the Stone Age
It will be a long time before I eat anything "Made in China."  In fact‚ I'm going to be very cautious about buying anything made in China.  

The recent spate of bad news about tainted food products and ingredient .. 17523 read, 1909 comment .. [More]

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