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This section is a combination of published newspaper & magazine articles as well as our opinions on current management/business topics. We welcome your feedback!

Yingluck's Big Adventure: A Lesson in Crisis Management
Nothing tests the mettle of effective leadership more than a crisis situation.
Over these past several weeks‚ Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and her leadership team have faced such a test‚ as four billion cubic me .. 14891 read, 88 comment .. [More]
PUBLISHED ARTICLE: Can Your Boss Be Your Friend?
In a recent CNN on-line business article‚ the question was asked: ?Should you make friends with the boss??
Kevin Roberts‚ CEO worldwide Saatchi & Saatchi answered yes‚ and likened the ideal boss and subordinate .. 28856 read, 1 comment .. [More]
PUBLISHED ARTICLE: Lessons from Steve Jobs: Take Pride in Your Work
Much has already been written about Steve Jobs since he resigned as Apple?s chief executive officer late last month.  Many articles talk about his visionary leadership‚ his brilliance and his uncanny ability to predict what consumers .. 41447 read, 2 comment .. [More]
PUBLISHED ARTICLE (Redux): How Individual Ambitions Disrupt Teamwork at the Top
Individual ambitions often undermine top management teamwork‚ writes Larry Chao.

Isn't it ironic that most organizations tout teamwork as being critical for success‚ yet oftentimes the first place it breaks down is at the top? .. 27554 read, 1 comment .. [More]
PUBLISHED ARTICLE: Moment of Truth for a CEO
When I first met Mr. Huang (pseudo-name) in his Bangkok office‚ he looked like a polished‚ confident 62 year-old CEO dressed in his crisp white shirt.  But looks can be deceiving.

For the past few years‚ hi .. 99937 read, 2 comment .. [More]
PUBLISHED ARTICLE: Fallacies of the so-called "Family Style" work culture
Fallacies of the so-called "Family Style" work culture Ask workers to describe the ideal work culture and often they will mention a warm‚ caring family environment where people respect each other‚ writes Larry Chao.  Sou .. 10234 read, 1 comment .. [More]
Murdoch Battered by Corruption Allegations (July 17th)
Yesterday saw Rupert Murdoch apologize for the alleged telephone hacking and police payoffs by his News of the World subsidiary. This is just testimony that corruption is not endemic to third world developing nations‚ but is pervasi .. 18310 read, 5426 comment .. [More]
Pssst! Do you want to know the secret of effective communications?
A client friend of mine once told me that when he started working in the late 70s‚ his first training program was on effective communications.
Some 40 years later‚ effective communications is still a pr .. 15500 read, 376 comment .. [More]
Has Research in Motion Lost its Luster?
Apparently so.

Their latest products‚ including the sliding Blackberry Torch handset‚ were not much of an improvement over the incumbent Blackberry Bold.

Moreover‚ I haven't seen anything from RI .. 106341 read, 3 comment .. [More]
PUBLISHED ARTICLE: Is Empowerment Right for Asia?
Larry Chao writes‚ are western management practices all they?re cracked up to be?
For years multinationals operating in Asia have been importing western management practices such as empowerment into their loc .. 29412 read, 0 comment .. [More]
The Aftermath of Bin Laden
Is the world a safer place now that Osama bin Laden is gone?  

We can only speculate how Al Quaeda and other terrorist groups will react.

Some believe there will be fierce attacks to avenge is death.  Others feel the .. 24265 read, 2 comment .. [More]
PUBLISHED ARTICLE: Benefits of Humanizing Relationships at Work
Lately‚ management gurus have been spending a lot of time teaching us how to change to become better leaders‚ writes Larry Chao.
They offer role models such as Jack Welch‚ Abraham Lincoln and even .. 16466 read, 1 comment .. [More]
PUBLISHED ARTICLE: Part 2 The Pitfalls of Procrastination
Do you procrastinate?
In our article last month‚ we talked about the problems of procrastination.  Most of us at one time or another have put off doing something because we were lazy or lacked discipline .. 19371 read, 138 comment .. [More]
Gadhafi in Denial
Moammar Gadhafi‚ the embattled Libyan leader‚ is in denial.  He is convinced that his people still love and adore him‚ despite all the recent protests for his removal.

He believes al Quaeda and other fo .. 17782 read, 0 comment .. [More]
Should You Buy an iPhone?
My friend has an iPhone so I asked him if I should buy one.

He told me no.  

He said that it is not easy to text message‚ compared to phone with button keys and that sometimes when he is ca .. 13709 read, 230 comment .. [More]

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