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Since 1995, Chao Group has assisted over 75 multinational clients on every continent on this planet achieve organization change. If you are looking to create a dynamic, energized workforce that embraces change and innovation, then you have come to the right place.

Who is Larry Chao?
A brief intro to Chao Group - who we are, what we do, and our formula for creating lasting
organization change.

Public Articles

Here is a compilation of our published newspaper & magazine articles and our opinions on current management/business topics.

Goal Alignment to Weather the Political Storm

Wave after wave of political strife in Thailand is forcing companies to reassess how they manage their operations and stay on track. What they are discovering is what successful multinationals have long known: That in turbulent times rigorous goal a .. 1828 read, 4 comment [more]
How Starbucks Creates Habits of Success

For loyal Starbucks patrons, doling out 120 baht for a Café Latte gourmet coffee experience is well worth the money. Part of that experience is the promise of pleasant, attentive customer service. What makes this possible is the ability of Starbuc .. 11878 read, 4 comment [more]
Why Many Executives Plateau

It is insightful speaking with chief executives about what prevents executives from being promoted to senior management. There are two common reasons: First, the inability to achieve results through others and second, poor interpersonal skills th .. 10884 read, 4 comment [more]
Big Companies Need to Rethink Innovation

While big companies are usually great at straight ahead operations, it seems the bigger they are, the tougher it is to innovate. This is particularly alarming now, when the need to be flexible and to innovate is at a premium. So how do you chur .. 39960 read, 87 comment [more]
What’s in store for 2013?

What new management practices will make their mark in 2013? What should we focus on to change behavior to improve organization performance? Well, the more bells and whistles a management tool has, the further away you should run. There is no mag .. 14610 read, 25 comment [more]
Lack of Focus Kills Performance

As organizations grow bigger and more complex, they often sow the seed of their own discontent: Lack of focus. This is because executives spread themselves too thin. Their agenda is too broad and they try to do too much. Instead of accomplishing .. 9625 read, 22 comment [more]

Aligning Strategic Priorities

Aligning Priorities and Expectations
We work with client teams to align functions with corporate strategy and create practical change programs.With
a combination of strategy consulting ...

Forging Collective Leadership

Forging Collective Leadership
Collective leadership at the top is essential. Collective leadership creates synergy by encouraging functional managers to work together ...

Energizing Great Teams

Energizing Great Teams
We challenge any other provider to motivate teams better than we can. Most importantly, we challenge anyone else to create enduring team spirit ...

Developing Outstanding Leaders

Developing Outstanding Leaders
Our leadership programs are designed to develop general managers capable of leading diverse teams. We emphasize strategic thinking, ...

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching
We are a leading practitioner for one-on-one executive coaching. Our objective is to assist executives become more effective by helping them ...